Caddietech X1

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  • - Ultra slim & light
    Only 0.85oz weight and 0.31inch height makes your play more comfortable. You can even wear it on the cap, the belt, and everywhere! Do not make anything bother you during the play.
  • - Water proof
    X1 has IPX4 water resistant so can be used on rainy day.
  • - Talks and Sees
    Simply push buttons. X1 tells and shows you the more accurate distances whenever and wherever you need. You can use both or choose what you prefer to. It informs you the distances where you are standing to the front, center, and back of greens. You don’t have to guess anymore.
  • - Free updates
    X1 is preloaded golf courses from all around world and you can update and change courses easily by Course Manager. There is no annual fees or extra charge. We will keep updating all recent courses for your enjoyable golf.
  • - Odometer & playing time
    Caddietech X1 lets you know how much distance and time you played. X1 also can be used when you run on typical days.
  • - Driving Distance
    Have you known your exact driving distance? Or your longest and shortest? X1 helps you to know how far you hit the ball and make your record.
  • - Measuring height(X1+ only)
    X1+ has very special function which can give you the height from where you are standing to the flag. If you struggle for up and down hill, X1+ is your perfect solution.