I have lost my user guide
Go to Manual > Download manual. Various language are available now.

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How can I change language?
You can change the language preferred on Coure Manager. 1) Download Course Manager on your computer.(Log in required)2) Connect your device and PC with USB Cable.3) Click Connect button on the left of Course Manager.4) Go  Setting > ...

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Can I use X0 on a rainy day?
The water resistant of X0 is IPX4. It can be used while raining.

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I do not see golf courses what I am looking for.
Go to Support>Request update, and summit the Request update form. You will be noticed by email individually when we complete your request. 

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How do I update golf courses on my unit?
1) Sign up for free membership first. Caddietech provides all golf courses update with no membership or annual fee. 2) Download Course Manager, and simply connect the unit with the computer.3) Course Manager will help you to update all courses and lan...

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